Hard Action Toy Video


I get out my new fave toy and decide to give myself multiple orgasms. I get right to business getting my pussy warmed up with my fingers. I slap on my pussy to help make sure she’s nice and wet. I plunge my toy in nice and deep and make myself cum. I crawl on top of my toy and ride it hard. I ride so hard that my tits start to bounce around and then slapping together! Lots of noise of all the cumming and slapping action!

August 1-20 Review

Hey there! I haven’t been around the computer much lately and know that I have fallen behind but here are the sets that have gone up since I was away!

408 – Sweet Brandy and I get naughty on the table! We have on our gangster girl dresses and lick and suck on each other until we both cum! Very hot sexy pics!

409 – Summertime dress on the park bench! Me showing you all my good parts while hanging out on a park bench.

410 – Silly me in a tight little dress that shows off the curves. I have had a few drinks and you can tell, hehe.

411 – Here I am hanging out by the pool. I strip off in front of the flowers and show you some nice up close shots of my naughty parts.

412 – Ready for some fun? This tight sexy dress was perfect to wear hanging out in the alley, hehe! Wouldn’t you like to find me there? I made sure to wear my strappy black high heels and even a few more toe rings on these sexy toes. I start by teasing you then I start to slowly lift up my dress and show you my pussy. I can’t take it anymore so I take the dress off completely and show you everything. I make sure these big tits get some attention. I lick and suck on my nipples until I get my pussy nice and wet! 

413 – You know that I like having my pantyhose on! Well I decided I would put on this tight short skirt that I would wear to the office and a cleavage baring halter top. I finish the outfit off with a pair of white 5 inch heels! Wouldn’t you like me to come to your office? I pull both of these huge tits out of the top of my shirt and play with them. Then I spread my legs and show you my crotch covered only by these sheer pantyhose. I play with my pussy by sliding my hand under my hose. I rub my clit and finger my pussy until she gets nice and wet. After showing you all sorts of angles with the hose on I decide to slowly start taking them off. I get them to my knees and decide to show you some good stocking covered feet pics!

414 – Well you know I played around in this outdoor tub with my clothes on and now I’m going to do it with the clothes off! I start off with my towel wrapped around me but take it off very quick. I’m standing out here completely naked waiting to hop into the shower. I climb in and let the water pour down over my body! I turn around and soak my hair, then lather it up with shampoo. Lots of close shots of me lathering. I soap up the rest of my body too. I have lots of suds all over these big tits, pussy and ass. You get to see some good shots of all my naughty parts. With over 115 pics in this set you get to see alot, big tits, pussy, ass, wet hair, shampooing, soapy body, armpits and showering all while outside.


My first GANGBANG!

Well I am finally going to be in a gangbang! You know I have been waiting a long time to do this. I have 8 guys ready and waiting to take turns pounding me. I’m going to have my mouth and pussy filled all at the same time while I make sure those other cocks stay nice and hard. Just thinking about it now is making me hot and wet! I will be sure to post some pics just for you! Keep looking for those.



Week Review 7/21-7/25

406 – I’m you little naughty office girl! Would you like me to be your secretary? I wear this revealing top that lets the girls hang out. This sexy skirt just barely covers the top of my thigh highs. I have my garter on just for you. I know how much you like my shiny black peep toe heels so I made sure to leave them on for you! Oh yea, I’m not wearing any panties, hehe. This set is full of some exciting and very interesting shots sure to make you nice and hard! Cum on in and see how steamy things get.


407 – I decided to do a fun wetset for you today! I have on my SC t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. I hop into this outdoor shower and slowly start to soak all of my clothes. I start getting my shirt wet and man does it cling to these big tits! I turn around and make sure I get the front and back really wet and then I move onto the shorts. I watch as they get soaked and start turning a darker color. They really cling to my ass when there wet. I just love having on these wet clothes! I really like how they feel clinging to my skin.

Cinnamon Sweet

Well as some of you know I am very familiar with Cinnamon. She is one very sexy bbw. We have done many sets and videos together and I just can’t get enough of her. I know you will enjoy her! If you go check out her site you will see she has over 500 picture sets and many videos. Here is something from her site to give you an idea of what she offers.

I update three times per week (unless there is a closure), usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Plus, I try to add a video to my video page at least once per week. On my site you’ll find softcore pin-up style, lingerie, corsets, bustiers, tight sexy clothing, casual clothing, high heels, bare feettoy play, masturbation, girl/girl, hair washing, bath/shower sets, thigh highs, and all angles of my voluptuous curves. I have added a shaving set, balloons, and some interracial BJpics/vid as well. I have also started a (members) WMV page which will usually be updated at least once per week.”


Go check her out!    CinnamonSweet.com

New Video Running Through The Sand

Running Through The Sand

Want to see me running up and down the beach? Well, here’s your chance. I start off in this very sheer dress and run up and down to show you how everything moves with the dress on. I take it off and run through the sand to show you how all of my body moves. You get to see the boobs bounce and swing as I come towards you and the ass wiggle as I go away. This is one hot video in the sand!

Week Review 7/14-7/18

404Cum on in and see me having a little fun by the pool! I thought it looked like such a nice day so I went outside to hang around the pool for a little while. You get to see me start off in my little nighty. I don’t leave it on long. I prop one leg up on the hot tub and give you some nice spread shots. I do a lot of nipple licking too!

405Smoking! Here I am in my skimpy little pink lace outfit smoking for you. I hold this cigarette between my lips very lightly and then squeeze it tight to light it. I inhale and exhale slowly letting you see my smoke roll out of my mouth. Cum on in and see me slide my panties out of the way to show you my wet pussy! This is one smoking hot set, hehe.